Interstate migration is rising in Queensland, with a heavy emphasis on the Moreton Bay region. The northern Brisbane area had the highest number of migrants coming in from other states, and Bribie Island and its surrounding suburbs had a surprisingly high percentage of net interstate migrants, nearly 10 per cent.

That growth is being driven by an attractive and relatively unique market, focused on retirees and families looking for a quiet and safe spot while being close to the city. When residents arrive on Bribie they find a lot of like-minded people. Those visiting want to be close to a city, an airport, to a hospital but not right next to any of those.

Many are looking for a place that will protect from all the hectic tourism; this includes less of the problems that can come up in dynamic and younger communities. Bribie Island is a place to step off and step back. When you cross over that bridge, you’re entering a defined community. ABS data shows the Bribie and Beachmere area had 612 people move in from other states last year, which is comparable to Maroochydore and Noosa.

Those two bustling seaside suburbs had 648 and 664 people move in, respectively. Substantial numbers consider moving to other coastal areas but those places did not offer easy access to the National Park, the Pumistone Passage and the ocean. The majority looked around Maroochydore and Caloundra. The common thread, it was too busy and not exactly what they were looking for. Most never looked at the Gold Coast because it was a greater distance from Brisbane and the top of the Sunshine Coast, and did not offer the lifestyle highly desired.

Comparatively, Domain Group data showed suburbs like Noosa and Maroochydore had much higher interest from buyers outside Queensland. Noosa had huge interest from out of the area buyers in the past 30 days, with 68 per cent of searches coming from outside the state, compared to 46.7 per cent in Maroochydore and 29.8 per cent for Bribie. However the Bribie Island region has seen strong interest from serious southern buyers. Bribie Island is Queensland’s only off shore Island connected to the mainland by bridge. Interstate buyers are amazed that a quality community complete with a luxury island lifestyle is available less than 60 minutes’ drive to a capital city.

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